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In silico drug trials in the beating ischaemic human heart

April 2018 to April 2020

Cardiovascular disease stands as the major cause of death worldwide, primarily dominated by ischaemic heartdisease. Ischemic heart disease results in complex electro-mechanical abnormalities in the human heart, which maylead to sudden cardiac death. Limitations in experimental and clinical techniques hamper their investigation, and thereis an urgent need for novel approaches to yield effective improvements in diagnosis and treatment to decrease themortality of such deadly condition.

In this project, a systematic HPC investigation of human heart electro-mechanics will be conducted to unravel keyfactors determining abnormalities caused by ischaemic disease and pharmacological therapy. Clinical imaging and electrophysiological datasets will be integrated to construct patient-specific anatomically-based electro-mechanicalmodels of ischaemic human hearts.

Principal Investigator


Francesc Levrero Florencio

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