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PRODIMA: PRObabilistic Data and information Integration with provenance MAnagement

1st March 2013 to 28th February 2015

The PRODIMA project investigates provenance-based probabilistic information integration in the Semantic Web. The research hypothesis is that provenance improves probabilistic information integration in the Web, i.e., speeds up probabilistic reasoning and facilitates (probabilistic) mapping debugging at the same time. The following four research objectives have been stated around the above research hypothesis: (i) investigation of the notion of provenance and uncertain provenance in probabilistic information integration frameworks and definition of its requirements and properties; (ii) investigation of probabilistic logics capable for realizing probabilistic information integration as a possible host logical formalism for representing uncertain provenance; (iii) investigation of the impact of (uncertain) provenance on the reasoning process and on mapping debugging within a probabilistic information integration framework; and (iv) elaboration and investigation of scalable reasoning algorithms that incorporate the collection and storage of provenance information and facilitate the debugging of probabilistic mappings.

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Principal Investigator

Livia Predoiu


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