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RoAD (Responsible AV Data)

1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

The Responsible Technology Institute has received funding for its project RoAD (Responsible AV Data) as part of the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub’s Pump-Priming funding call. The project is led by Professor Jirotka, and will investigate the ethical, legal, and societal challenges of using data from autonomous vehicles. 

RoAD will investigate the type of data that automated vehicles (AVs) should collect in order for their data recorder (‘black box’) to be useful in any possible enquiry after an accident. The project will:

  • Investigate the ethical risks and legal implications related to the collection, access and use of data. 
  • Test the legal usefulness of data sets. 
  • Evaluate public acceptance of data recorders (‘black boxes’) for AS.

The project includes other members of the Responsible Technology Institute, Dr Lars Kunze, Carolyn Ten Holter and (previous investigator) Pericle Salvini, who are joined by Dr Jo-Ann Pattinson from Leeds University’s Institute for Transport Studies and Professor Paul Luff of Kings College London.

The Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub is a UK-wide initiative investigating the rollout of autonomous systems in many different fields of operation.

Principal Investigator


Carolyn Ten Holter
Doctoral Student, Research Assistant

Former members

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