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Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence

1st June 2008 to 30th November 2012

IllustrationThe Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence (VPH NoE) has been designed with 'service to the community' of VPH researchers as its primary purpose. Its aims range from the development of a VPH ToolKit and associated infrastructural resources, through integration of models and data across the various relevant levels of physiological structure and functional organisation, to VPH community building and support.

The VPH NoE aims to foster the development of new and sustainable educational, training and career structures for those involved in VPH related science, technology and medicine.

The VPH NoE constitutes a leading group of universities, institutes and organisations who will, by integrating their experience and ongoing activities in VPH research, promote the creation of an environment that actively supports and nurtures interdisciplinary research, education, training and strategic development.

The VPH NoE will lead the coordination of diverse activities within the VPH Initiative to help deliver: new environments for predictive, patient-specific, evidence-based, more effective and safer healthcare; improved semantic interoperability of biomedical information and contribution to a common health information infrastructure; facile, on-demand access to distributed European computational infrastructure to support clinical decision making; and increased European multidisciplinary research excellence in biomedical informatics and molecular medicine by fostering closer cooperation between ICT, medical device, medical imaging, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The VPH NoE will connect the diverse VPH Initiative projects, including not only those funded as part of the VPH initiative but also those of previous EC frameworks and national funding schemes, together with industry, healthcare providers, and international organisations, thereby ensuring that these impacts will be realised.

VPH NoE work packages and project structure

The VPH NoE activities are divided between five main work packages. In brief, the focus of each work package is as follows:

  • Work package 1: Network Management
  • Work package 2: VPH NoE Exemplar Projects
  • Work package 3: VPH NoE ToolKit development
  • Work package 4: VPH NoE Training and Career Development
  • Work package 5: Spreading Excellence within the VPH NoE and VPH-I

Principal Investigator


Jonathan Cooper
Janet Sadler

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