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A Decision-Support System for (Renal) Cancer Imaging

15th November 2007 to 14th July 2011


Medical practitioners who treat cancer patients have crucial decisions to make about the best course of action for individual patients, but limited time in which to make those decisions, and limited information to help them do so. Our aim is to develop a decision-support system which will aid them in this task. This system will be initially targeted at renal (kidney) cancer, but is intended to be extensible to other cancers in the future.


Abdominal Segmentation

The current focus of the project is on the segmentation of abdominal CT scans. This involves identifying features of interest in the images, e.g. the kidneys, liver, etc., as a precursor to later modelling (see figure).

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Stephen Cameron (1958-2019)
Stuart Golodetz

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