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Network Security

Responsibility for network security within the University lies with the Oxford University Computer Emergency Response Team (OxCERT). Based within the Networks and Telecommunications Group at OUCS, the team exists primarily to ensure the security of the University backbone network.

The team's main responsibilities include the following:

  • Identifying compromised or potentially-compromised systems within the University network, and taking appropriate measures to prevent malicious network traffic from such systems.
  • Liaising with IT staff to ensure that security incidents are dealt with promptly, and to ensure that compromised systems are fully cleaned and patched against known vulnerabilities before being reconnected to the network.
  • Informing IT staff where necessary of critical vulnerabilities and suggesting remedial action.
  • Promoting good security practice throughout the University.
  • Liaising with the global IT security community, in particular as a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).

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