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Autonomous Ubiquitous Sensing

1st January 2011 to 31st December 2013

Wireless sensor networks have a multitude of applications, for example in environmental monitoring, autonomous transport, or intelligent buildings. There are significant challenges in engineering and programming of effective sensor-based systems, in view of resource limitations of the devices and unreliability of wireless links. At the same time, sensor networks are increasingly often deployed in safety‐critical contexts that require sound and autonomous decision making and guarantees on their correct behaviour. This research will bring together two hitherto separate streams of work: (1) Trigoni’s group, focused on developing systems and novel algorithmic techniques for data collection in sensor networks, and (2) Kwiatkowska’s VERIWARE project, which aims to develop pioneering methodology and software tools to ensure the reliability and correct behaviour for such devices, thus enabling testbed experimentation and evaluation of the techniques that is not feasible as part of existing projects.


Principal Investigator


Alexandru Mereacre
Chris Thachuk

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