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Domain−Specific Modelling for Clinical Research

Jim Davies‚ Jeremy Gibbons‚ Adam Milward‚ David Milward‚ Seyyed Shah‚ Monika Solanki and James Welch


The value of integrated data relies upon common data points having an accessible, consistent interpretation; to achieve this at scale requires appropriate informatics support. This paper explains how a model-driven approach to software engineering and data management,in which software artefacts are generated automatically from data models, and models are used as metadata, can achieve this. It introduces a simple data modelling language, consistent with standard object modelling notations, together with a set of tools for model creation,maintenance, and deployment. It reports upon the application of this approach in the provision of informatics support for two large-scale clinical research initiatives.

Book Title
SPLASH Workshop on Domain−Specific Modelling