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Attack Tree Analysis for Insider Threats on the IoT using Isabelle

Florian Kammüller‚ Jason R.C. Nurse and Christian W. Probst


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) aims at integrating small devices around humans. The threat from human insiders in “regular” organisations is real; in a fully-connected world of the IoT, organisations face a substantially more severe security challenge due to unexpected access possibilities and information flow. In this paper, we seek to illustrate and classify insider threats in relation to the IoT (by ‘smart insiders’), exhibiting attack vectors for their characterisation. To model the attacks we apply a method of formal modelling of Insider Threats in the interactive theorem prover Isabelle. On the classified IoT attack examples, we show how this logical approach can be used to make the models more precise and to analyse the previously identified Insider IoT attacks using Isabelle attack trees.

Book Title
International Conference on Human Aspects of Information Security‚ Privacy and Trust at the 18th International Conference on Human−Computer Interaction (HCI)