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Visualization of Publication Impact

Eamonn Maguire‚ Javier Martin Montull and Gilles Louppe


Measuring scholarly impact has been a topic of much interest in recent years. While many use the citation count as a primary indicator of a publications impact, the quality and impact of those citations will vary. Additionally, it is often difficult to see where a paper sits among other papers in the same research area. Questions we wished to answer through this visualization were: is a publication cited less than publications in the field?; is a publication cited by high or low impact publications?; and can we visually compare the impact of publications across a result set? In this work we address the above questions through a new visualization of publication impact. Our technique has been applied to the visualization of citation information in INSPIREHEP (, the largest high energy physics publication repository.

EuroVis 2016‚ Short Paper
EuroVis 2016 Short Papers