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White Paper: Computational Cardiology and Risk Stratification for Sudden Cardiac Death: One of the Grand Challenges for Cardiology in the 21st Century.

AP Hill‚ MD Perry‚ N Abi−Gerges‚ J−P Couderc‚ B Fermini‚ JC Hancox‚ BC Knollmann‚ GR Mirams‚ J Skinner‚ W Zareba and JI Vandenberg


Risk stratification in the context of sudden cardiac death has been acknowledged as one of the major challenges facing cardiology for the past four decades. In recent years, the advent of high performance computing has facilitated organ-level simulation of the heart, meaning we can now examine the causes, mechanisms and impact of cardiac dysfunction in silico. As a result, computational cardiology, largely driven by the Physiome project, now stands at the threshold of clinical utility in regards to risk stratification and treatment of patients at risk of sudden cardiac death. In this white paper, we outline a roadmap of what needs to be done to make this translational step, using the relatively well developed case of acquired or drug-induced long QT syndrome as an exemplar case.

Journal of Physiology