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Expected Policy Gradients

Kamil Ciosek and Shimon Whiteson


We propose expected policy gradients (EPG), which unify stochastic policy gradients (SPG) and deterministic policy gradients (DPG) for reinforcement learning. Inspired by expected sarsa, EPG integrates across the action when estimating the gradient, instead of relying only on the action in the sampled trajectory. We establish a new general policy gradient theorem, of which the stochastic and deterministic policy gradient theorems are special cases. We also prove that EPG reduces the variance of the gradient estimates without requiring deterministic policies and, for the Gaussian case, with no computational overhead. Finally, we show that it is optimal in a certain sense to explore with a Gaussian policy such that the covariance is proportional to e^H, where H is the scaled Hessian of the critic with respect to the actions. We present empirical results confirming that this new form of exploration substantially outperforms DPG with the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck heuristic in four challenging MuJoCo domains.

Book Title
AAAI 2018: Proceedings of the Thirty−Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence