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Integration of Cyber Security Frameworks‚ Models and Approaches for Building Design Principles for the Internet−of−Things in Industry 4.0

Petar Radanliev‚ David De Roure‚ Jason R C Nurse‚ Razvan Nicolescu‚ Michael Huth‚ C Cannady and RM Montalvo


This research article reports the results of a qualitative case study that correlates academic literature with five Industry 4.0 cyber trends, seven cyber risk frameworks and two cyber risk models. While there is a strong interest in industry and academia to standardise existing cyber risk frameworks, models and methodologies, an attempt to combine these approaches has not been done until present. We apply the grounded theory approach to derive with integration criteria for the reviewed frameworks, models and methodologies. Then, we propose a new architecture for the integration of the reviewed frameworks, models and methodologies. We therefore advance the efforts of integrating standards and governance into Industry 4.0 and offer a better understanding of a holistic economic impact assessment model for IoT cyber risk.

Book Title
Living in the Internet of Things: Cybersecurity of the IoT Conference