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Memory−Driven Text−to−Image Generation

Bowen Li‚ Philip Torr and Thomas Lukasiewicz


We introduce a memory-driven semi-parametric approach to text-to-image generation, which is based on both parametric and non-parametric techniques. The non-parametric component is a memory bank of image features constructed from a training set of images. The parametric component is a generative adversarial network. Given a new text description at inference time, the memory bank is used to selectively retrieve image features that are provided as basic information of target images, which enables the generator to produce realistic synthetic results. We also incorporate content information into the discriminator, together with semantic features, allowing the discriminator to make a more reliable prediction. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed memory-driven semi-parametric approach produces realistic images, compared to purely parametric approaches, in terms of both visual fidelity and text-image semantic consistency.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 33rd British Machine Vision Conference 2022‚ BMVC 2022‚ London‚ UK‚ November 21−24‚ 2022