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Challenges of ultra large scale integration of biomedical computing systems

RHJ Begent‚ JM Brady‚ A. Finkelstein‚ DJ Gavaghan‚ P. Kerr‚ H. Parkinson‚ F. Reddington and JM Wilkinson


The NCRI Informatics Initiative is overseeing the implementation of an informatics framework for the UK cancer research community. The framework advocates an integrated multidisciplinary method of working between scientific and medical communities. Key to this process is community adoption of high quality acquisition, storage, sharing and integration of diverse data elements to improve knowledge of the causes, prevention and treatment Of cancer. The integration of the complex data and meta-data used by these multiple communities is a significant challenge and there are technical, resource-based and sociological issues to be addressed. In th

Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Computer−Based Medical Systems: COMPUTER−BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS