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Inductive Reasoning and Semantic Web Search

Claudia d'Amato‚ Floriana Esposito‚ Nicola Fanizzi‚ Bettina Fazzinga‚ Georg Gottlob and Thomas Lukasiewicz


Extensive research activities are recently directed towards the Semantic Web as a future form of the Web. Consequently, Web search as the key technology of the Web is evolving towards some novel form of Semantic Web search. A very promising recent approach to such Semantic Web search is based on combining standard Web search with ontological background knowledge and using standard Web search engines as the main inference motor of Semantic Web search. In this paper, we propose to further enhance this approach to Semantic Web search by the use of inductive reasoning. This adds the important ability to handle inconsistencies, noise, and incompleteness, which often occur in distributed and heterogeneous environments, such as the Web. We report on a prototype implementation of the new approach and extensive experimental results.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 25th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing‚ SAC 2010‚ Sierre‚ Switzerland‚ March 22−26‚ 2010
Sung Y. Shin and Sascha Ossowski and Michael Schumacher and Mathew J. Palakal and Chih−Cheng Hung
ACM Press