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Representing Uncertain Concepts in Rough Description Logics via Contextual Indiscernibility Relations

Nicola Fanizzi‚ Claudia d'Amato‚ Floriana Esposito and Thomas Lukasiewicz


We investigate on modeling uncertain concepts via rough description logics, which are an extension of traditional description logics by a simple mechanism to handle approximate concept definitions through lower and upper approximations of concepts based on a rough-set semantics. This allows to apply rough description logics for modeling uncertain knowledge. Since these approximations are ultimately grounded on an indiscernibility relationship, the paper explores possible logical and numerical ways for defining such relationships based on the considered knowledge. In particular, the notion of context is introduced, allowing for the definition of specific equivalence relationships, to be used for approximations as well as for determining similarity measures, which may be exploited for introducing a notion of tolerance in the indiscernibility.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web‚ URSW 2008‚ Karlsruhe‚ Germany‚ October 26‚ 2008
Fernando Bobillo and Paulo Cesar G. da Costa and Claudia d'Amato and Nicola Fanizzi and Kathryn B. Laskey and Kenneth J. Laskey and Thomas Lukasiewicz and Trevor P. Martin and Matthias Nickles and Michael Pool and Pavel Smrz
CEUR Workshop Proceedings