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Combining Boolean Games with the Power of Ontologies for Automated Multi−Attribute Negotiation in the Semantic Web

Thomas Lukasiewicz and Azzurra Ragone


Recently, multi-attribute negotiation has been extensively studied from a game-theoretic viewpoint. Since normal and extensive form games have the drawback of requiring an explicit representation of utility functions (listing the utility values for all combinations of strategies), logical preference languages have been proposed, which provide a convenient way to compactly specify multiattribute utility functions. Among these preference languages, there are also Boolean games. In this paper, towards automated multi-attribute negotiation in the Semantic Web, we introduce Boolean description logic games, which are a combination of Boolean games with ontological background knowledge, formulated in expressive description logics. We include and discuss several generalizations, and show how a travel and a service negotiation scenario can be formulated in Boolean description logic games, which shows their practical usefulness.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web‚ SMRR 2008‚ Karlsruhe‚ Germany‚ October 27‚ 2008
Rubén Lara Hernandez and Tommaso Di Noia and Ioan Toma
CEUR Workshop Proceedings