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A Framework for Representing Ontology Mappings under Probabilities and Inconsistency

Andrea Calì‚ Thomas Lukasiewicz‚ Livia Predoiu and Heiner Stuckenschmidt


Creating mappings between ontologies is a common way of approaching the semantic heterogeneity problem on the Semantic Web. To fit into the landscape of semantic web languages, a suitable, logic-based representation formalism for mappings is needed. We argue that such a formalism has to be able to deal with uncertainty and inconsistencies in automatically created mappings. We analyze the requirements for such a mapping language and present a formalism that combines tightly integrated description logic programs with independent choice logic for representing probabilistic information. We define the language, show that it can be used to resolve inconsistencies and merge mappings from different matchers based on the level of confidence assigned to different rules. We also analyze the computational aspects of consistency checking and query processing in tightly integrated probabilistic description logic programs.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 3rd ISWC Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web‚ URSW 2007‚ Busan‚ Korea‚ November 12‚ 2007
Fernando Bobillo and Paulo Cesar G. da Costa and Claudia d'Amato and Nicola Fanizzi and Francis Fung and Thomas Lukasiewicz and Trevor Martin and Matthias Nickles and Yun Peng and Michael Pool and Pavel Smrz and Peter Vojtás
CEUR Workshop Proceedings