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Variable−Strength Conditional Preferences for Matchmaking in Description Logics

Thomas Lukasiewicz and Jörg Schellhase


We present an approach to variable-strength conditional preferences for matchmaking and ranking objects in description logics. In detail, we introduce conditional preference bases, which consist of a description logic knowledge base and a finite set of variable-strength conditional preferences, and which are associated with a formal semantics based on ranking functions. We then define the notions of consistency and preferential entailment for conditional preference bases, which strictly generalize epsilon-consistency and entailment in Pearl's System Z+ in default reasoning from conditional knowledge bases, respectively. We also describe some semantic properties of preferential entailment. We then show how preferential entailment can be used to define a distance measure between two conditional preference bases. We also define functions for ranking objects relative to a conditional preference base, and we describe an application in the area of literature search. Finally, we provide algorithms for solving the main computational tasks related to conditional preference bases.

Book Title
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning‚ KR 2006‚ Lake District‚ UK‚ June 2−5‚ 2006
Patrick Doherty and John Mylopoulos and Christopher A. Welty
AAAI Press