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The TOP Database Model − Taxonomy‚ Object−Orientation and Probability

Werner Kießling‚ Thomas Lukasiewicz‚ Gerhard Köstler and Ulrich Güntzer


We propose to extend object-oriented databases by a language to specify taxonomic knowledge over so-called t-classes, which are compatible with, but more expressive than existent ISA-hierarchies. Separated from, but closely coupled with such taxonomic knowledge, we offer uncertain constraints in form of a probabilistic language. The information content of such taxonomic and probabilistic knowledge can be visualized naturally by special Hasse-diagrams. A project to build a TOP-prototype using object-oriented technology like OMT and O2, deductive technology like Datalog_S and CORAL and uncertain technology from our DUCK experience is under way.

Book Title
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Uncertainty in Databases and Deductive Systems‚ Ithaca‚ New York‚ USA‚ November 1994