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Tightly Coupled Fuzzy Description Logic Programs under the Answer Set Semantics for the Semantic Web

Thomas Lukasiewicz and Umberto Straccia


This chapter presents a novel approach to fuzzy description logic programs (or simply fuzzy dl-programs) under the answer set semantics, which is a tight integration of fuzzy disjunctive logic programs under the answer set semantics with fuzzy description logics. From a different perspective, it is a generalization of tightly coupled disjunctive dl-programs by fuzzy vagueness in both the description logic and the logic program component. The authors show that the new formalism faithfully extends both fuzzy disjunctive logic programs and fuzzy description logics, and that under suitable assumptions, reasoning in the new formalism is decidable. The authors present a polynomial reduction of certain fuzzy dl-programs to tightly coupled disjunctive dl-programs, and we analyze the complexity of consistency checking and query processing for certain fuzzy dl-programs. Furthermore, the authors provide a special case of fuzzy dl-programs for which deciding consistency and query processing can both be done in polynomial time in the data complexity.

Book Title
Progressive Concepts for Semantic Web Evolution: Applications and Developments
M. Lytras and A. Sheth
Information Science Reference
Advances in Semantic Web Information Systems