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Tools for Understanding Identity

Sadie Creese‚ Thomas Gibson−Robinson‚ Michael Goldsmith‚ Duncan Hodges‚ Dee Kim‚ Oriana Love‚ Jason R. C. Nurse‚ Bill Pike and Jean Schultz


We present two tools for analysing identity in support of homeland security. Both are based upon the Superidentity model that brings together cyber and physical spaces into a single understanding of identity. Between them, the tools provide support for defensive, information gathering and capability planning operations. The first tool allows an analyst to explore and understand the model, and to apply it to risk-exposure assessment activities for a particular individual, e.g. an influential person in the intelligence or government community, or a commercial company board member. It can also be used to understand critical capabilities in an organization's identity-attribution process, and so used to plan resource investment. The second tool, referred to as Identity Map, is designed to support investigations requiring enrichment of identities and the making of attributions. Both are currently working prototypes.

Book Title
IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST '13)