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Generalized Domains for Empirical Evaluations in Reinforcement Learning

Shimon Whiteson‚ Brian Tanner‚ Matthew E. Taylor and Peter Stone


Many empirical results in reinforcement learning are based on a very small set of environments. These results often represent the best algorithm parameters that were found after an ad-hoc tuning or fitting process. We argue that presenting tuned scores from a small set of environments leads to method overfitting, wherein results may not generalize to similar environments. To address this problem, we advocate empirical evaluations using generalized domains: parameterized problem generators that explicitly encode variations in the environment to which the learner should be robust. We argue that evaluating across a set of these generated problems offers a more meaningful evaluation of reinforcement learning algorithms.

Book Title
ICML 2009: Proceedings of the Twenty−Sixth International Conference on Machine Learning: Workshop on Evaluation Methods for Machine Learning