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Gavin Lowe

Personal photo - Gavin Lowe

Gavin Lowe

Emeritus Professor

Tutorial Fellow, St Catherine's College

T: +44 1865 273841

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


My interests are broadly in the area of concurrency.

In recent years I have become interested in concurrent programming, particularly lock-free concurrent datatypes, and ways of analysing them:

I am also interested in verification, particularly of concurrent systems, using model checking techniques.

  • I have recently extended the technique of view abstraction, which can be used to verify systems with an unbounded number of similar components. In particular, I extended the technique to include components with an identity, where these identities could be passed between processes. I showed how to use these techniques to analyse concurrent datatypes based on linked lists.
  • I have (with Tom Gibson-Robinson) extended the model checker FDR to include symmetry reduction.
  • I have investigated parallel versions of Tarjan's Algorithm for finding loops or strongly connected components in a graph. This has various applications in model checking.

Previously I did a lot of work in the formal modelling and analysis of computer security.

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