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Andrew Martin

Personal photo - Andrew Martin
Professor Andrew Martin
Associate Professor
Governing Body Fellow, Kellogg College
01865 2-83605

Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PR


I have been interested in security in distributed systems for some time. The metaphor of Grid has been a useful way to find use cases for the relevant ideas. I've been making the connection between Trusted Computing and grid technologies, and looking for the architectural elements and design patterns necessary to make this a reality. These ideas have the potential to transform how we think about distributed systems and the security of information. 

 We have several ongoing projects in this area, addressing both the theoretical and abstract issues of trust in distributed systems, as well as the pragmatics of how to build such systems.  The Trusted Computing Research in Oxford page describes some of these in more detail.  Within the Department of Computer Science, a reading group gives us opportunity to review work from within the group and outside: other members of the lab are welcome to join.

Prospective Research Students

I am always interested to hear from prospective research students with an interest in information systems security, particularly if this is aligned with the research interests described in these pages.  The University requires a substantial fee from applicants, so you should discuss any application with me by email in advance of a formal application: I will not encourage anyone to make such an application unless I think there is a strong chance of their being accepted (of course, it is impossible to say in advance with certainty that a particular application will be successful). If you want to learn more about the process of application, and its timing, you should consult the Department of Computer Science's information on research degrees. Please don't contact me with questions which can be answered from those pages! Do contact me to discuss possible research topics.



I am on my third 'life' in Oxford: I studied for my first degree here, before working as an industrial Software Engineer at Praxis in Bath. After a DPhil back in Oxford, I escaped to the other side of the world to be a Research Fellow at the Software Verification Research Centre in the University of Queensland. Eventually the excellent weather and relaxed way of life got the better of me, and so I returned to the UK, briefly as a lecturer in the University of Southampton, before entering my current post in 1999.


Publication list on Google Scholar

Selected Publications

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Uncertainty in the predictions of the climate response to rising levels of greenhouse gases

D. A. Stainforth‚ T. Aina‚ C. Christensen‚ M. Collins‚ N. Faull‚ D. J. Frame‚ J. A. Kettleborough‚ S. Knight‚ A. Martin‚ J. M. Murphy‚ C. Piani‚ D. Sexton‚ L. A. Smith‚ R. A. Spicer‚ A. J. Thorpe and M. R. Allen

In Nature. Vol. 433. No. 7024. Pages 403–406. January, 2005.

The Ten Page Introduction to Trusted Computing

Andrew Martin

No. RR−08−11. OUCL. December, 2008.

Trusted Delegation for Grid Computing

Andrew Cooper and Andrew Martin

In The Second Workshop on Advances in Trusted Computing. 2006.





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