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Birte Glimm

Personal photo - Birte Glimm

Birte Glimm

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 1st July 2011


Completed Projects:


I have moved to the University of Ulm to the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Please visit my new webpage there.


Since July 2011 I work as a juniorprofessor at the University of Ulm within the Artificial Intelligence Institute. Before that, I was a research assistant in the department of computer science at the university of Oxford, where I worked in the Information Systems group, mainly on developing algorithms for automated reasoning in expressive Description Logics and on the implementation of the HermiT reasoner.

I did my PhD in Manchester in the Information Management Group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ian horrocks and Prof. Dr. Uli Sattler and I was honoured with the Best Thesis Award from the School of Computer Science at Manchester University in 2008. From September 2001 until July 2004 I studied Computer Science in the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and I received my bachelor degree with an award for the best degree.

Before studying Computer Science, I worked for 3.5 years in Industry and did another degree in Communication Design.

Selected Publications

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