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Cristian Trovato

Personal photo - Cristian Trovato

Cristian Trovato

Doctoral Student
Research Associate

Leaving date: 30th September 2022


My main research interests are focused on human cardiac modelling and ventricular arrhythmias to improve current methodologies and technologies for arrhythmias diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, combining human-based integrated information embedded in the modern computational models with multiscale simulations and population of models.


I am a researcher in Computational Biology and Health Informatics, at the Department of Computer Science (University of Oxford, UK), in the Computational Cardiovascular Science Team in Oxford, led by Professor Blanca Rodriguez.

I completed my DPhil (PhD) in Computer Science in September 2020 from the University of Oxford (though, I am still waiting for graduation, postponed due to the ongoing pandemic) and, previously in July 2016, with a master’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Bologna.

In addition to my research, I have been involved in many other types of experiences, including being president of the Oxford University Italian Society, founder and manager of the student web-radio “Uniradio Cesena” and student delegate for the Cesena Campus executive council. During my many extra-academic activities, I have acquired or improved skills like fundraising, project management, teamwork, team leadership, social and digital communication, as well as public engagement. 

Selected Publications

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