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Duncan Hodges

Personal photo - Duncan Hodges

Duncan Hodges

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 30th September 2014



I currently work as a post-doctoral Researcher working with Prof. Sadie Creese in the Department of Computer Science on the EPSRC-funded project SuperIdentity. SuperIdentity is a multi-disciplinary trans-atlantic project looking at improving the understanding of identity, the work encompasses aspects of identity that we reveal both in the real-world and in the cyber-world. This mixing of natural and cyber worlds is what makes this project unique and challenging, it is very motivating to work with leading academics across a broad range of subjects, this inter-disciplinary focus is a theme through my research and something I actively search out in research topics. I have presented the work to a number of SuperIdentity's key stakeholders and have received good feedback as the consortium looks to drive impact from the research.

In addition to this work I have provided paper reviews for CHI 2013 and 2014 and chaired a session on Infrastructure Protection and Information Systems Security at the European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) 2012. I also was invited to attend the EPSRC ICT Early Career Workshop in January 2014.

I have a proven track history of delivering tangible benefits and impact from my research and I have expertise in developing SPA web-apps, back-end services such as node.js, Jetty and Tomcat and more traditional applications built in Java or C++. I have also developed a number of mobile applications which allow the exposure of my research to the public.

I actively take part in out-reach projects aimed at both GCSE and A-Level students, leading both broader STEM activities and specialist Cyber Security activities, for more information on these contact Suzannah Marsh

Before joining the University of Oxford I worked for four years as a Researcher in the civil-service where I worked on cutting-edge research and development in a high-pressure environment, prior to this I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath.

My early academic research focused on the modelling of radio-wave propagation through various meteorological conditions.  I worked in the Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences with Dr R. J. Watson. I completed my PhD, entitled Propagation Forecasting for EHF and SHF systems in 2005, which lead to a European patent (EP 1763154 A1). This inter-disciplinary reasearch took forecasts from Numerical Weather Propagation models and measurements of the current meteorological conditions and attempted to assess the current radio channel and, more importantly, provide medium- and longer- term forecasts.

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