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Ricklef Wohlers

Personal photo - Felix Wohlers

Mr Felix Ricklef Wohlers

Doctoral Student

Student, Keble College

Leaving date: 14th January 2013


Completed Projects:


I am a second year DPhil student at Keble College. My personal interests lie in the general area of software engineering, in particular distributed systems, operating systems, networt protocols, kernel development and consequently also low-level programming. I am currently working on the WildSensing project in which wireless sensor nodes are planned to be deployed to monitor a wildlife habibitat.


MSc in Computer Science, University of Oxford, 2007.  Title of thesis: Quantified Boolean Formulae and Bounded Model Checking.

BSc in Software Engineering / Computer Science and Business Studies, The University of Birmingham, 2006. Title of thesis: Enhancing netfilter/iptables for End-users


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