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Georg Gottlob

Personal photo - Georg Gottlob

Professor Georg Gottlob FRS

Emeritus Professor

T: +44 1865 283504
T: 01865 (2)83557


Algorithms and complexity of problems in the following areas: Graph and hypergraph based  computations and problem decomposition methods, database theory and query languages, semi-structured data processing, constraint satisfaction problems, games and auctions, knowledge representation and reasoning, artificial intelligence, logic programming, finite model theory, computational logic. I am also interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of web data extraction.


I am a Professor of Informatics at Oxford University and a Fellow of St John's College

I moved to Oxford from TU Vienna, Austria, in 2006, where I used to work since 1988 as a Professor of Computer Science. I currently still hold an Adjunct Professor position in Vienna, and you may look at my Vienna home page for additional information. From 2006 to 2011 I held the Chair of Computing Science at Oxford University. I then moved to the Chair of Informatics at Oxford, which I have been holding since January 2012. I am a Professorial Fellow of St John's College.

I have been helping to build up the Information Systems Group at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. I am now also helping to set up a strong Algorithms group. My current research deals with algorithms and complexity issues related to graphs and hypergraphs, database query languages, and with problem decomposition methods that can be used for recognizing large classes of tractable instances of hard problems. The latter methods have applications in query optimization, in constraint satisfaction, and in game theory and electronic commerce (e.g. winner determination in combinatorial auctions). I am a founding member of the recently established Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance

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Michael Morak
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