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Ib Holm Sørensen

Personal photo - Ib Sørensen

Dr Ib Holm Sørensen Cand.Scient MA DPhil

Information Systems Developer

Leaving date: 10th May 2012


  • Software Engineering for Safety- and Mission Critical Systems
  • Mathematical based methods for system specification, design and implementation
    • Z ( 1979-1986)
      • Zermola based Set Theoretical Notation for the specification, the designing and the analysis of software system.
    • B ( 1986-1999)
      • Bourbaki based approach for the computer aided checking of correctness and consistency of software specified in a set theoretical notation.
    • BOOSTER ( 1999 - present )
      • The B approach for the use of
      • Object Orientation for specifying information by classifying it as objects according to common attributes, and a
      • Set Theory based pre-post condition approach for specifying methods for changing the value of the attributes and the relationship between objects, and
      • Entity Relationship for specifying the relationship between the classes of objects, and the
      • The automatic generation of data repositories  and secure web-interfaces for viewing and changing the data.
  • Requirement specification and analysis , software design verification and code derivation
  • Automatic Generation and Evolution of web-based information systems ( e.g the services of this web-site ) from Booster models of requirements.
  • Technology transfer

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