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Jingjie Yang

Personal photo - Jingjie  Yang

Jingjie Yang

Doctoral Student


I am currently a first-year DPhil student supervised by Prof Bartek Klin. Before that, I spent 4 years here at Oxford for an undergraduate master's degree in maths and computer science; Bartek also oversaw my master's thesis.

My research interest is in the computation theory with atoms. Loosely, we make the alphabet infinite (but accessible in very limited ways, e.g., only comparable for equality) in various models of computation, sit back, and see what works/breaks. For example, the equivalence problem for weighted automata remains decidable. On the other hand, nondeterministic automata no longer determinise, and we even have P≠NP for turing machines in this new setting.

In more technical terms, one can view atoms as countable homogeneous structures over a finite relational language, whose automorphism group is guaranteed to be oligomorphic. Thus I also try to learn model theory, group representation theory, and category theory.