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Julien Leblay

Personal photo - Julien Leblay

Julien Leblay

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 28th February 2015



Web data management, query optimization, Linked Data, crowdsourcing


I currently work on the problem of query answering under access restrictions and constraints with Michael Benedikt and Efthymia Tsamoura.

I did my PhD at the LRI, Université Paris-Sud and Inria Saclay in Orsay, France. My research topic involved finding efficient querying methods for the semantic web. I was part of the Ladhak/OAK teams and my supervisors were François Goasdoué and Ioana Manolescu.

In a previous life, I worked as a developer and consultant on various topics ranging from machine translation to data integration.


During my PhD, I taught database administration, database theory, Object-Oriented programming and systems administration to undergraduate students. I also supervised projects for undergraduate and graduate students.

I was a PC member of the SSDBM (2014),  CIKM (2014, 2015) conferences.

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