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Karo Moilanen

Personal photo - Karo Moilanen

Karo Moilanen

Visiting Academic


My research is centered around textual sentiment analysis.

In a computational context, sentiment (cf. emotion, affect, tone, opinion, private state, speculation, evaluation, appraisal, attitude, attitudinal meaning, bias, colouring, connotation, slanting, stance, amongst others) refers to the enormously rich subjective metacontent that lies beyond the purely objective (or factual, logical, neutral) dimensions of language.

Linguistics. The primary linguistic focus of my research is on

    * fine-grained sentiment expressions at the word, entity, phrase, and sentence levels
    * sentiment with respect to lexical semantics, morphology, grammar, and compositional semantics
    * affective commonsense

Computational Linguistics / Natural Language Processing. Computationally, I aim at combining the above with

    * deep parsing
    * phrase chunking
    * Named Entity Recognition
    * Word Sense Disambiguation

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