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Lorenzo Lane

Personal photo - Lorenzo Lane

Dr Lorenzo Lane

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Research Interests

I am currently interested in the following areas of research:

  • Social Computing (with particular interest in development of online collaborative tools to support mathematical knowledge production)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Understanding creativity, use of metaphor and analogy)
  • Mathematics (Focusing on collaboration, interdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer between mathematical communities)
  • Cognitive linguistics (Application of cognitive grammar to the study of conceptual spaces in mathematics)
  • Ethnographic research (Documenting working processes of research mathematicians within Institutional contexts)
  • Sociology (Social studies of mathematical communities)

Other Interests

  • Novel writing: Currently working on "Prisoner of a memory", "The measure" and "A poem in silence"
  • Poetry: Currently working on "The catch" - A series of Poems based around social justice and homelessness in the UK.
  • Running: I'm a keen distance runner 



[2013-2016] PhD, Sociology, University of Edinburgh Thesis Title: Bridging worlds: Translating, creating and communicating mathematical knowledge

Supervised by Professor. Donald Mackenzie, Dr Jane Calvert

[2011-2013] MA (A+, Distinction), Linguistic Anthropology, University of British Columbia.

Supervised by Professor Patrick Moore.                     

[2007-2010] BA (Hons), First class, Archaeology and Anthropology, St John’s College, Oxford University

Supervised by Professor Paul Dresch.


[2017] Post-Doctoral Researcher, CS Department, University of Oxford

[2014-2015] Researcher, Microsoft Research, Cambridge and Reading

[2014] Researcher, Department of computer science, University of Oxford

[2013] Researcher at Sustainability department, Greenest City Scholar, City of Vancouver, British Columbia



Lane, L. (2014) Guide Dogs Study: Report on Observations, MSR, Microsoft Ltd. (Confidential)

Lane, L. (2014) Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Study: Report on Observations, University of Oxford (Unpublished)  

Lane, L. (2014) Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Study: Executive report.