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Marta Kwiatkowska - People

Current DPhil students

  • Gabriel Santos, DPhil student, 2015-.
  • Min Wu, DPhil student, 2015-.
  • Andrea Patane, Marie Curie Fellow on AFFECTech (see also this link) and AIMS CDT DPhil student, 2017-.
  • Pascale Gourdeau, DPhil student, 2017- (co-supervised by James Worrell).
  • Rhiannon Michelmore, DPhil student, 2017-.
  • Maciej Olejnik, DPhil student, 2017-.
  • Clare Lyle, DPhil student, 2018- (co-supervised by Yarin Gal).
  • Matthew Wicker, DPhil student, 2018-.
  • Emanuele La Malfa, DPhil student, 2019-.
  • Wenjie Wang, DPhil student in association with ERC project FUN2MODEL: From FUNction-based TO MOdel-based automated probabilistic reasoning for DEep Learning, 2019-.

Current postdoctoral researchers

Past PhD students

Past research fellows