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Meng Wang

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Meng Wang
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Refactoring Pattern Matching

Meng Wang‚ Jeremy Gibbons‚ Kazutaka Matsuda and Zhenjiang Hu

In Science of Computer Programming. Vol. 78. No. 11. Pages 2216−2242. January, 2012.

Revised version of the MPC2010 paper "Gradual Refinement"

Incremental Updates for Efficient Bidirectional Transformations

Meng Wang‚ Jeremy Gibbons and Nicolas Wu

In ICFP. September, 2011.

Type−directed weaving of aspects for polymorphically typed functional languages

Kung Chen‚ Shu−Chun Weng‚ Meng Wang‚ Siau−Cheng Khoo and Chung−Hsin Chen

In Science of Computer Programming. Vol. 75. Pages 1048−1076. 2010.




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