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Peter Jeavons

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Professor Peter Jeavons
Professor of Computer Science


I'm interested in algorithms and computational complexity. Most of my own research has focused on constraint satisfaction problems.

I'm also interested in computational biology, especially bioinformatics .

I was on the Advisory Board for a project based at Harvard University involving computerisation of medieval music manuscripts (The NEUMES Project) and I worked with Louis Barton and Professor John Caldwell to develop this further, with the help of a grant from the Eduserv Foundation.

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Cash prizes from Bloomberg, Metaswitch, Ensoft & IBM awarded

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An algebraic theory of complexity for discrete optimisation

David A. Cohen‚ Martin C. Cooper‚ Páidí Creed‚ Peter Jeavons and Stanislav Živný

In SIAM Journal on Computing. Vol. 42. No. 5. Pages 1915−1939. 2013.

Simple Neural−Like P Systems for Maximal Independent Set Selection

Lei Xu and Peter G. Jeavons

In Neural Computation. Vol. 25. No. 6. Pages 1642−1659. 2013.

Representing and solving finite−domain constraint problems using systems of polynomials

Christopher Jefferson‚ Peter Jeavons‚ Martin J. Green and Marc R. C. van Dongen

In Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Vol. 67. No. 3−4. Pages 359−382. 2013.




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