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Raymond Lal

Personal photo - Raymond Lal

Dr Raymond Lal

Research Assistant

Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College

Leaving date: 23rd August 2015


I am currently at the University of Cambridge, working on spatiotemporally-neutral descriptions of quantum theory. As part of this I am interested in how quantum generalisations of Bayesian networks can be used to characterise quantum correlations. This is part of my general research programme, which concerns the structural features of quantum theory, such as nonlocality and contextuality. In particular I am interested in understanding the properties of no-go theorems using sheaf theory, since this yields a new perspective on the different forms of non-classical behaviour that a physical system can exhibit.




I completed my DPhil in the Quantum Group at Oxford, where I studied the compatibility between relativity and quantum theory from an information-theoretic perspective. I used the framework of categorical quantum mechanics: this supplies a simplifying formalism, and an intuitive graphical calculus for reasoning about quantum systems.