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Shamal Faily

Personal photo - Shamal Faily

Dr Shamal Faily

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 9th August 2013


My research examines how the design of secure and usable software systems can be better supported with design techniques and tools.  

My doctoral research led to the design of the IRIS (Integrating Requirements and Information Security) design framework, and accompanying open-source CAIRIS (Computer Aided Integration of Requirements and Information Security) software tool.  As part of the EUSTACE project, I am currently exploring how usability models (such as personas) can be formalised and used as a basis for model-checking a software system's usability.  I am also looking at how IRIS design models might be used to drive a model-driven architectural risk analysis.

I am also interested in understanding how entrepreneurship and innovation theories can be used to inform the design of security.


Since August 2013, I have been a lecturer at Bournemouth University.


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