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Thomas Gibson-Robinson

Personal photo - Thomas Gibson-Robinson
Thomas Gibson-Robinson
Research Assistant
Junior Research Fellow, University College
+44 (0)1865 610753

Room 011, Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PR


My interests lie broadly in process algebras, particularly CSP, and in protocol security.

My current research on process algebras is focussed on CSP. In particular, I am the lead developer of the FDR3 model checker, which is a verifier for CSP. FDR3 is an extremely capable model checker that is able to efficiently verify systems that consist of tens of billions of states. Further, it has a very expressive input language in the form of machine-CSP, thus allowing very complex systems to be modelled.

My current security research concerns the verification of layered security protocols. During my doctorate, I extended the high-level strand spaces model to allow arbitrary stacks of protocols to be verified by abstraction. Currently I am interested in extending these results in various ways, in addition to considering how the correctness proofs, which must currently be done by hand, can be automated.

CPA 2014: I am the local organiser for this year's Communicating Process Architectures conference: please do consider submitting a paper and/or attending. More details are available here.


Thomas Gibson-Robinson is a Junior Research Fellow at University College. He completed his doctorate under the supervision of Gavin Lowe at Oxford. He previously received his MCompSci in 2010 from Oxford.


FDR3, CPA 2014, libcspm - A CSPM type checker

Selected Publications

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FDR3: a parallel refinement checker for CSP

Thomas Gibson−Robinson‚ Philip Armstrong‚ Alexandre Boulgakov and A.W. Roscoe

In International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer. 2015.

Computing Maximal Bisimulations

Alexandre Boulgakov‚ Thomas Gibson−Robinson and A.W. Roscoe

In Formal Methods and Software Engineering − 16th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods‚ ICFEM 2014‚ Proceedings. 2014.

FDR into The Cloud

Thomas Gibson−Robinson and A.W. Roscoe

In Communicating Process Architectures. 2014.