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Thomas Gibson-Robinson

Personal photo - Thomas Gibson-Robinson

Thomas Gibson-Robinson

Senior Researcher

Junior Research Fellow, University College

Leaving date: 30th June 2019


My interests lie broadly in process algebras, particularly CSP, and in protocol security.

My current research on process algebras is focussed on CSP. In particular, I am the lead developer of the FDR3 model checker, which is a verifier for CSP. FDR3 is an extremely capable model checker that is able to efficiently verify systems that consist of tens of billions of states. Further, it has a very expressive input language in the form of machine-CSP, thus allowing very complex systems to be modelled.

My current security research concerns the verification of layered security protocols. During my doctorate, I extended the high-level strand spaces model to allow arbitrary stacks of protocols to be verified by abstraction. Currently I am interested in extending these results in various ways, in addition to considering how the correctness proofs, which must currently be done by hand, can be automated.


Thomas Gibson-Robinson is a Senior Researcher in the Department of Computer Science. Previously he was a Junior Research Fellow at University College, having completed his doctorate under the supervision of Gavin Lowe at Oxford. He previously received his MCompSci in 2010 from Oxford.

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