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Tomasz Mazur

Personal photo - Tomasz Mazur

Mr Tomasz Krzysztof Mazur

Doctoral Student
Former Member

College Lecturer, St Catherine's College


I do research on the thoery of concurrency and computer-aided formal verification. As the main modeling language I use CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes), a process algebra invented by C.A.R. Hoare (you can download his book on the topic here and a more comprehensive Theory and Practice of Concurrency by Bill Roscoe here).

My major interests are the possible ways of extending the current abilities of computer-aided model checking using counter abstraction, counterexample-guided abstraction refinement, predicate abstraction, process division and others. At the moment I specifically look at possible automatic partial solutions to the undecidable Paramaterised Model Checking Problem (PMCP) and the more general Paramaterised Verification Problem (PVP).

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