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Vojtěch Forejt

Personal photo - Vojtěch Forejt

Dr Vojtěch Forejt

Associate Professor

Governing Body Fellow, Kellogg College

Leaving date: 17th January 2017


Completed Projects:


I mainly pursue research in probabilistic verification. More broadly, I study systems that have some stochastic behaviour and/or involve decision making. I develop methods for formally proving properties of such systems, measuring their performance, or assessing their reliability. The systems I study are usually described as Markov chains, Markov decision processes, or their extensions.


I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science (Software Engineering). I am also affiliated with Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at my alma mater.

I hold a PhD in computer science from Masaryk University in Brno, and a LLB (Hons) in English law from Open University.

Prospective students and postdocs

I am always happy to talk to prospective applicants. Please send me your full CV with a short outline of a proposed project.


See here.

Current Teaching

Past Teaching

Lectures on Software Verification at Oxford University, and Programming for .NET Framework at Masaryk University. Teaching assistant for various subjects (Reasoning about Information Update, Probabilistic model-checking, Foundations of Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, Probability in Computer Science, Automata and Grammars, and Introduction to Functional Programming)


I am interested in consultancies and in acting as an expert witness within my area of expertise. Please contact me with your queries.


Completed Projects