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Yongchao Huang

Personal photo - Yongchao Huang

Dr Yongchao Huang

Research Associate

T: (+44) 07454 001 185

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Large scale, real-time ML data streaming

Automated Control Systems

Building Intelligence



I am a postdoc researcher in Computer Science at University of Oxford, working with Prof. Abate on topics of machine learning, automated control and smart buildings. I am curious about fundamental aspects of the DS/AI wave, namely algebra, optimisation, probabilistic modelling, etc. My interests lie in math and its applied spaces (e.g. numerical, signal processing, machine learning, control, etc). I am keen to answer real world questions via evidence-based, agile, and ideally creative routines, typical fields include engineering (smart structures, systems), finance, and data science, where computers could potentially be automated to boost efficiency and/or accuracy. I did my DPhil in the Engineering Science department at University of Oxford, and spent some 2.5 years in financial industry solving practical data science puzzles end-to-end before returning to academia. In a sentence: 勤于读书写字算术和音乐, 感谢使用谷歌翻译, btw这是一个有趣的人.



Github page, publications: Google scholar, group site: OXCAV (Oxford control & verification group), industry collaboration: Atamate Ltd. (MLaaS research software engineering for IoT).