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Peter Boehm

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Peter Boehm
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My research interests cover the areas of hardware design and formal verification, computer architecture, verification of (on-chip) communication protocols/architectures, model checking, and theorem proving.
Currently, I am focusing on verified on-chip communication protocols for multicore/SoC architectures, my PhD project. The main goals include the development of a generic framework for incremental model derivation and formal verification, and the application of this framework to industrial-scale case studies, such as the ARM AMBA high-performance bus protocol and the PCI Express protocol.The work is formalised using higher order logic and the Isabelle theorem prover. 
Previous work includes digital circuit design and formal verification of scheduling correctness for an automotive communication system.


I am currently a PhD student at the University of Oxford. My research focuses on verified on-chip communication protocols for high-performance multicore or System-on-Chip architectures. The project is sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Intel Corporation.
Before joining the verification group in Oxford, I obtained my M.Sc (Honour's Degree) in Computer Science at Saarland University, Germany at the chair for Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing of Prof. Wolfgang Paul.

Selected Publications

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A Framework for Incremental Modelling and Verification of On−Chip Protocols

Peter Böhm

In Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design (FMCAD'10). October, 2010.

8 pages‚ to appear

Incremental and Verified Modelling of the PCI Express Protocol

Peter Böhm

In IEEE Transactions on Computer−aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems. 2010.

14 pages‚ to appear

A Refinement Approach to Design and Verification of On−Chip Communication Protocols

Peter Böhm and Tom Melham

In Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Formal Methods in Computer−Aided Design (FMCAD'08). Pages 136–143. IEEE Computer Society. November, 2008.




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