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Model−driven Engineering of Information Systems: 10 years and 1000 versions

Jim Davies‚ Jeremy Gibbons‚ James Welch and Edward Crichton

In Science of Computer Programming. Vol. 89B. Pages 88−104. September, 2014.

Compositionality and Refinement in Model−Driven Engineering

Jim Davies‚ Jeremy Gibbons‚ David Milward and James Welch

In Rohit Gheyi and David A. Naumann, editors, Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications − 15th Brazilian Symposium‚ SBMF 2012. Proceedings. Vol. 7498 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Pages 99−114. Springer. 2012.

Model−Driven Data Migration

Mohammed A. Aboulsamh‚ Edward Crichton‚ Jim Davies and James Welch

In Advances in Conceptual Modeling − Applications and Challenges‚ ER 2010 Workshops ACM−L‚ CMLSA‚ CMS‚ DE@ER‚ FP−UML‚ SeCoGIS‚ WISM‚ Vancouver‚ BC‚ Canada‚ November 1−4‚ 2010.. Vol. 6413 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Pages 285–294. 2010.



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