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Data, Knowledge and Action

The Data, Knowledge, and Action group carries out world-leading research in Databases, Semantic Technologies, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

Topics of interest include query languages, optimization techniques, factorized and probabilistic databases, ontology languages, Datalog, knowledge representation formalisms, and computational reasoning techniques.

One focal point is the area of Big Data, and in particular “data wrangling” — the process of organising, preparing and accessing complex and heterogeneous data.

Also of interest are reasoning about action, planning, strategic reasoning, and sequential decision-making, which analyze cause-and-effect relationships to understand the consequences of complex actions, and empower AI agents with self-programming and autonomous deliberation capabilities.

As well as foundational research, the group also maintains strong links with industry, and has applied its research results in areas as diverse as oil and gas, engineering, business analytics, real estate, medicine and life sciences.


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