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Foundations, Logic and Structures

The Foundations, Logic and Structures theme encompasses our research into the mathematical underpinnings of computer science and their application in a variety of different areas.  Major activities within this theme include our work on Quantum Information and Computation, led by Samson Abramsky and Bob Coecke; and on Game Semantics and applications to Verification, led by Luke Ong.

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Andrzej Murawski
(University of Warwick)



Andre Ranchin
(Imperial College London)


Past Members

Bahareh Afshari
(Vienna University of Technology)
Personal photo - Andrei Akhvlediani
Andrei Akhvlediani
Personal photo - Markus Aschinger
Markus Aschinger
Personal photo - Philip Atzemoglou
Philip Atzemoglou
Alexandru Baltag
(University of Amsterdam)
Jacob Biamonte
(ISI Foundation)
Christopher Broadbent
Personal photo - Samuel Bucheli
Samuel Bucheli
Doina Bucur
Personal photo - Eric Cavalcanti
Eric Cavalcanti
Personal photo - Nadish de Silva
Nadish de Silva
Personal photo - Andreas Doering
Andreas Doering
Personal photo - Emanuele D'Osualdo
Emanuele D'Osualdo
Personal photo - Conrad Drescher
Conrad Drescher
Ross Duncan
(Free University of Brussels)
Penelope Economou
William Edwards
(Perimeter Institute)
Personal photo - Lu Feng
Lu Feng
Dan Ghica
(University of Birmingham)
Personal photo - Edward Grefenstette
Edward Grefenstette
Personal photo - Matthew Hague
Matthew Hague
David Hopkins
Personal photo - Clare Horsman
Clare Horsman
Personal photo - Paul Hunter
Paul Hunter
Personal photo - Anthony Widjaja Lin
Anthony Widjaja Lin
Fotini Markopoulou
(Perimeter Institute)
Personal photo - Alex Merry
Alex Merry
Personal photo - Ashutosh Natraj
Ashutosh Natraj
(IEEE, British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) - Academic Forum for Robotics,)
Personal photo - Eric Paquette
Eric Paquette
Personal photo - Karl Paulsson
Karl Paulsson
Dusko Pavlovic
(Royal Holloway)
Simon Perdrix
(University of Grenoble)
Personal photo - Justyna Petke
Justyna Petke
Personal photo - Steven Ramsay
Steven Ramsay
Personal photo - Philipp Ruemmer
Philipp Ruemmer
Personal photo - András Salamon
András Salamon
Personal photo - Marni Sheppeard
Marni Sheppeard
Colin Stephen
Personal photo - Evgenij Thorstensen
Evgenij Thorstensen
Nikos Tzevelekos
(Queen Mary, University of London)
Yong Xie
Personal photo - Quan Zhang
Quan Zhang
Personal photo - Jonathan Zvesper
Jonathan Zvesper