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Intelligent Systems and Learner Centred Design for Technology Enhanced Learning

Dr. Rosella Gennari ( Free University of Bolzano )

"Education cannot only be the giving of knowledge only; [...] the consideration of personality, the development of human potentialities must become the centre of education". So wrote Maria Montessori, in "The Absorbent Mind", back in 1949. Maria Montessori was herself a revolution in Italy in the past century: the first woman granted a masters degree in Medicine in Italy, she became famous for questioning standard views on learning and teaching, placing learners at the centre of an active learning process. It is from her quote that this presentation starts, and continues showing how technology can enhance learning when learners are placed at the centre of the learning process: in this view, learning material and tasks are designed for specific learners and, possibly, with them, and pedagogical efficacy is evaluated for them and with them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ideas, techniques and technologies become useful for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) when placed within such a frame, for instance, for automating the the design or development of learning material and tasks for specific learners. The talk will present a learner centred approach to TEL with examples, and the role AI could place in it via examples. It will conclude showing open questions for TEL and challenges for AI.  

Speaker bio

Rosella Gennari is Assistant professor at KRDB, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. She works on the mix of knowledge representation theories and human computer interaction methodologies for (co-)designing smart learning environments or activities, e.g., smart games. Relevant research keywords are as follows: knowledge representation and reasoning, computational logic, constraint-based reasoning, human computer interaction, technology enhanced learning, personalised smart inclusion.



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